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Posted: Sat, 10 Oct 2020 14:32 by Web Team

Pitsford Traffic Calming Scheme Postponement

It is disappointing that the majority of the scheme cannot go ahead. The independent contractors have decided that the weather is no longer conducive to ensuring that the micro-asphalt surfacing will be effective. The programme is therefore postponed until Spring 2021.

  1. Although the majority of the road surface marking cannot go ahead we have asked for the yellow lines by the pavilion to be completed and also the junction markings in Broadlands to be repainted.
  2. The survey into the possibility of a 20mph speed restriction in Moulton Road and by Orchard cottages is still being carried out.
  3. The new Speed Indication Device near The Stables will go ahead.
  4. The consultation on the suggested additional Speed Indication Device near Orchard Cottages can also go ahead.
  5. Additional signage has been suggested to help tide us over until next Spring.

The Parish Council has worked hard on this Scheme for some months. However, as ever, the final decisions are not ours to make. More »

If you wish to contact someone to ensure that our programme goes into the schedule for early next year write to the head of Highways: Nick Henstock

Alastair Kimbell
Pitsford Parish Council

Reason given:

'The programme is moving quite a lot at the moment due to a number of factors. The start of lockdown did mean works got pushed back and this is now affecting programmes.Teams have been carrying out extensive road repairs over the summer including surface dressing and the use of the thermal road repair units, offering cost effective and long lasting repairs to roads in the county.At the start of lockdown some resource and material issues caused some of our programme to be delayed. The next stage of the works programme would have been microasphalt which has now been delayed. This repair method requires good weather and, as we are now moving into the winter and wetter weather, it would not be sensible to start this programme of works now.The sites scheduled for microasphalt will now be treated in late spring/early summer 2021, as the weather improves, ensuring the treatment is of the highest standard and quality. I am sorry about this delay but it really is out of our control and to carry out this treatment now would not be a responsible thing to do.' Lockdown has been blamed for many things! » Less

Posted: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 16:42 by Web Team

VJ interview with (SLt) Ted Barker

Please enjoy the VJ Interview with our own National Treasure, Ted Barker.

Posted: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 09:15 by Web Team