Result! Cross Border Crime Operation.

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Result! Cross Border Crime Operation.

Message from Hutch
Re: Cross border Crime operation I ran with my colleague from Leicestershire. I had 20 officers out covering both Leicestershire and Northants areas targeting vehicles of interest and stopping vehicles carrying plant, machines, towing trailers and any other vehicles that drew our attention.

The day resulted in…
- 3 persons arrested
- 11 police recoveries (no tax/insurance)
- 11 police traffic report offence tickets issued
- DVSA issued 26 immediate prohibitions, 8 delayed and 6 inspections
- In total 68 vehicles were stopped

These days will become a regular thing in the fight around rural crime.

Some of you may have received this further good news from Chloe, from the rural crime team.

You may remember in 2017 arrests were made at an agricultural auction in Carlisle, Cumbria and a large quantity of stolen equipment was recovered.

The case went to Crown Court earlier in the week and prison sentences were given to a Joseph David Fury and William Andrew Fury. Please see the link below to the website with full details.

It has been a long process in bringing this case together, working with Cumbria Police. Identifying 9 victims from 4 different forces, transporting all the items back to our force with the assistance of the NFU and arranging the returning of the items to their owners.

As well as the prison sentences the left over items have been forfeited to the police and we are now going to be looking into auctioning the items and money raised will be put back in to the farming community.

Please continue to report rural crime and suspicious incidents to the police, we take rural crime seriously and we want more of these good results.

What these stories show are that with the information you provide to us, we can then act on. I am still hearing of thefts that have taken place, no matter how small, we NEED to know. If its not reported, its like it never happened

Keep em peeled.


Neighbourhood Rural Policing Team

Daventry and South Northants

Northamptonshire Police

(Telephone 101 Ext 344478

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