Suspicious people in the village

Two reports:

After seeing the recent posts I thought I'd let you know of a silver estate car, that passed our cottage last Saturday (coming from the reservoir),then stopped and reversed back to our drive. As the guy got out I opened the door and he asked me the way to Northampton saying he was lost. Short stocky,dark hair ,possibly Romanian,
Regards Colin

Happened at 11.15am Monday 9 July, Manor Road. Saw a dark car but unfortunately no details. Reported to the police.

I just wanted to warn people about a man and woman that approached my mum yesterday as she pulled on our drive, they asked for directions to London and had a map. They didn't speak much English. Mum felt they were trying to distract her and keep her on the drive. But then a second man approached her and he touched her handbag and she said, right I'm going to my neighbour and they walked off.


Posted: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 10:19 by Web Team

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