Thursday Club: The club has been running for 10 years but we took it over about 8 years ago when we were told that it was going to be closed down due to lack of members (there were only about 17 in all that were active). Members are aged 50+.

We have about15 members in Pitsford although quite a few are actually born in Pitsford but have moved out of the village; others come from Brixworth, Spratton, Chapel Brampton, Boughton, Moulton, Kingsthorpe and Weston Favell and one member from Scaldwell bringing the membership up to 65. It has actually gone down in membership this year as several of our members have gone into Care Homes or because of their personal circumstances have had to resign. Our oldest member is now 96 years old and the youngest is in their 60's, although we do state membership is from 50. This year we made 6 honorary members. We have a varied itinerary over 12 months. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.

The reason that we can do all of this on a tight budget is that we have two Jumble Sales a year, in spring and autumn. I would like to say to all of those younger non-members living in the village a million thanks to you all for helping us out on the day. It is hard work but it is rewarding to be able to make around £350 on a Jumble Sale and put it toward the Christmas dinner and a live show making their outgoings for the afternoon about £10 - £15 including the coach fare.

We would like to see a few more local people involved.
That is a broad outline of how we run the club.

Contact Barry or Sandra on 01604 880630